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Wedding Polaroid Photo Box

Alessandro Pucci Studio – Wedding Polaroid

Wedding in Polaroid can shot the entire event including the photo booth with props using instant cameras. You can book the two services separately and require only 1 of 2. All the instaphotos taken can be applied with glue stick, on a guestbook, on a Photowall or in a photo box. Pictures are taken with analog cameras Fuji Instax 210 size cm 6,2×9,9 or with Polaroid classic square 1×1.


From my site dedicated to instant photography for wedding as polaroid and fuji instax I have posted this article about the history of instant photography. Click here to read and enjoy



Sinti community is very present in Tuscany. Living in Prato I am photographer and videographer and I could not resist from enter their world to learn about their culture, their history and do a story that marked me the heart. They are a people with a strong dignity of their culture that make a treasure untouchable. I already posted 3 articles on the history of Sinti list below:

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Other shots I’ve made using an analog camera Asahi Pentax 6×7. I have not yet developed the negatives white black that I ‘m looking forward to soak in acid. I like that smell of development and that feeling of anticipation and awe you feel when you do analog photography. Below a portrait on Mr. Mario, one of the bosses of the village in Prato.

Reportage Sinti Prato
Reportage Sinti Toscana