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Alessandro Pucci Studio Wedding Videographer Tuscany. I lead a team of photographers and videographers. Me and my patners produce photographic reportages, wedding  and factory films. We have been doing this job for many years and marriages are something that has always fascinated us. It is a way to share in the life of families and appreciate some of the most beautiful and important moments of their lives. It is always a great pleasure for us to collaborate with couples who come from all over the world and also from others continent. Stopping in time the emotions and memories of the big day is a great responsibility and it takes a lot of sensibility and attention. My team and I like to tell and create film style wedding storytelling. Spontaneity, discretion and quality are most important things for us
When a couple comes from foreign countries we dive into a real journey. Every country and every civilization get marriage in their own way. It is very important for who do my job to keep in mind that telling something so intimate and personal is one of the most difficult and delicate event that can happen to film. Someone like short video and someone like long video. We always keep our style and quality whatever the requests of the couples are
Katia and Dan wanted to tell their story in their video and how they fell in love. In 2015 they celebrated their wedding in Tuscany with little Leonard. Many things have changed today and little Leonard already has 2 siblings. Being a wedding videographer tuscany and photographer makes me really happy with my work because it always fills my life with new friends and lots of emotions
Kreig and Katie are a couple of friends from England. They asked me for a short and spontaneous video. During the preparation I filmed some interviews with mom, sister and friends who told me something about spouses and their lives. I really like telling and giving a story what it takes to make it unique and intimate. When I succeed it is only because the right feeling with the spouses is immediately created
Some couples have more selective tastes and prefer very short videos like trailers or wedding videoclips. The wedding videoclip is a real music video clip. The bride and groom choose a song and my staff and I create a storyboard with the most beautiful wedding scenes. This type of video has the advantage of high artistically level but it has a very short duration, at most that of the song chosen by the couple. Alessandro Pucci Studio – Wedding Videographer Tuscany